SPUC Introduction

SPUC Introduction

Under the leadership and support of Beijing and Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, and on the basis of the cooperation of universities in Beijing, Chongqing and Poland, the Sino-Polish University Consortium is voluntarily organized for non-profit strategic cooperation on the basis of equality and volunteer spirit, and the means to openly share resources and achieve innovated development through win-win cooperation.

SPUC’s Purpose

Explore each member’s unique advantages, promote resources sharing, enhance coordinated innovation, facilitate cultivation of talent, accelerate international cooperation, cultural exchanges and mutual understanding, facilitate the exchanges of staff, knowledge and technology among different member universities, and make continuous efforts to enhance people-to-people bonds, international industry-university-research collaboration and improve the actual strength and international reputation of the member universities.

Major Functions

1. Committed to making breakthroughs in the cultivation of high quality, international engineering and technological talents, cultivating innovation, and delivering to enterprises qualified engineering and technical personnel with practical ability.

2. Committed to facilitating economic structure transformation, industry upgrading, and to offering integrated solution to enterprises’ common and critical technology needs. The Consortium plans to take S&T projects and technological innovation as the focus, and build platforms for universities and enterprises of different nations to coordinate innovation efforts, so as to stimulate the exchanges of capital, products, personnel and service among different enterprises.

3. Committed to forging people-to-people bonds, enhancing cross-cultural understanding by actively promoting cultural exchanges. The Consortium plans to encourage staff and students' mobility trans-nationally, to jointly organize various academic conferences, S&T competition, cultural, arts and sports activities, etc. The Consortium will also support the member university’s efforts in applying for Confucius Institute and Confucius Classroom.