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The First “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference & the “Knotted Fields Theory in the Physics and Biology”

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From September 2 to 11, 2019, the first “Belt and Road” International Academic Conference “Knotted Fields Theory in Physics & Biology”, was hosted at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) in cooperation with University of Milano-Bicocca (UniMiB), “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium, and Beijing - Hong Kong Universities Alliance, and undertaken by the College of Applied Sciences (CAS) of BJUT, Beijing-Dublin International College (BDIC), Postgraduate School, and Society of Optics of Beijing (Preparatory). In total more than 80 scholars and students from universities and institutions of twelve countries including USA, UK, Italy, Canada, Germany, Russia, Poland, Mainland China and Hong Kong attended the Seminar and International Academic Forum , “Applications of knotted fields theory in physics & biology”. Professor Renzo Ricca from University of Milano-Bicocca (UniMiB), Italy, served as Conference Chairman with BJUTAssociate Professors Liu Xin and Wang Wenyu serving as co-chairs.


BJUT Vice President Wu Bin attended the opening ceremony and delivered the welcome speech, expressing a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the representatives attending the Forum, and introduced the current development status of BJUT. He illustrated that in recent years, the Chinese government prioritized the enhancement of basic science research to serve national strategic development, thus encouraging interdisciplinarity and innovative research. BJUT actively responded to the national strategic demands through emphasizing the development of basic disciplines. Meanwhile, the University promoted internationalization and made progress in international exchange, talent introduction, conferences etc. The “Knotted Fields Theory in Physics & Biology” International Academic Forum was a successful model of BJUT’s promotion of international exchange and cooperation in basic interdisciplinary fields including mathematics, physics, biology, etc. The Forum focused on applications of the knotted fields theory in physics & biology, which was the first of its kind in China.


The forum involved seven authoritative professors of the field, including Kauffman (USA), Sumners (USA), Ricca (Italy), Barenghi (UK), Dennis (UK), Sutcliffe (UK), Scharein (Canada), plus several members of American and European societies of mathematics and physics, several founding editors-in-chief and editorial board members of top mathematical and physical periodicals, as well as reviewers and consultants of European, American and British scientific research funds. They delivered lectures during the 10-day summer school focused upon a broad understanding of issues in the relevant fields. The two-day Academic Forum also provided the attending scholars and postgraduates with opportunities for networking and exchange. The academic activity was streamed on the Internet so scholars and students not not in attendance could watch the lectures and interact online. The course handouts of the professors will be collected and published globally by the world-famous academic publishing group company Springer.

This has received great support from domestic and foreign academic circles. The successful hosting of the Conference will further raise BJUT’s internationalization level in scientific research fields, providing new avenues for BJUT’s academic cooperation, and pushing the University’s internationalization to higher levels.

Until now, BJUT’s three “Belt and Road” international conferences on economic management and mathematical physics were concluded successfully. The follow-up international conferences will be held in succession from October to November, including Light Energy Smart Roads and Sustainable Development International Summit and Low-Carbon Urban Development Forum, etc., which concentrate on urban construction, environment and energy, etc.