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​ “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium Supported the Sino-Polish Higher Education Exchange and Cooperation

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On September 16th , 2019, the concert commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Poland was held at the Polish Embassy in Beijing, attended by Chinese Foreign Affairs Vice-Minister Qin Gang, Polish Ambassador Mr Wojciech Zajaczkowski (Sai Xijun), and other honored guests from China and Poland. BJUT as the current holder of the rotating chairmanship of “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium attended the event.



During the event, Ms. Chen Hao, the Vice Deputy Director of BJUT International Office, Ms. Gong Wenjing, the new President of Confucius Institute in Opole, Polish Ambassador Mr. Wojciech Zajaczkowski, and Cultural Counselor Ms. Ying Moyan held a meeting regarding the development of the “Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium, and the status of Confucius Institute in Opole and three subsidiary Confucius classes.

In 2019, the working mechanism of the Consortium, relying on the UPS (university-professor-student) has introduced new forms of international cooperation and exchange. As the Chinese Chair of the rotating chairmanship of the Consortium, BJUT has obtained significant achievements among Chinese and Polish universities in academic exchange, talent cultivation, cultural exchange, and much more.

From July to November, “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference was held in BJUT. The Conferences were organized by “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium and Beijing - Hong Kong Universities Alliance. The three international conferences were attended by more than 400 scholars and students from 129 universities and institutions in 14 countries and regions. The conferences concerned economics, management, physics and biology, and were covered by several domestic and foreign media outlets. The follow-up international academic conferences will be held in succession from October to November, 2019, and will focus upon the fields of materials, urban construction and environment and energy. The conferences will include the Electron Microscope (EM), the Light Energy Smart Roads and Sustainable Development International Summit and Low-Carbon Urban Development Forum.

In July, “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium hosted the “Sino-Polish Regular Trains - Interconnectivity” Summer Vacation Youth Camp. 31 teachers and students from Chinese 15 universities travelled to Poland to attend the Polish camp, and 14 students from 6 Polish universities came to China to attend the Chinese camp. The event lasted two weeks and was organized by BJUT, Tianjin University of Technology and Polish Bialystok University of Technology.

In 2018, the Consortium successfully held the First “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium “The Belt and Road · Art Interconnectivity” Art Festival & Art Design Contest in BJUT, attracting more than 400 Chinese and Polish students attending the Contest. Subsequently, the Second Art Design Contest will be held in Poland in May 2020 and will be undertaken by the University of Silesia.

The Confucius Institute in Opole is an international exchange and cooperation platform established in 2008 with an additional three Confucius classes established in 2019 under the “one center and three links” multi-level interactive Confucius Institute system of support and feedback. The practice symbolizes Chinese teaching methodology and promotion of Chinese culture and has been acknowledged by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). Furthermore, the interscholastic exchange and cooperation between BJUT and Polish universities have developed new chapters.

The Polish Ambassador (Sai Xijun) attended the First “Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium “Belt and Road · Art Interconnectivity” Festival & Art Design Contest in December 2018, and gave a positive evaluation of the Consortium’s progress in the Portfolio’s Preface. Polish Ambassador Mr. Wojciech Zajaczkowski and Cultural Counselor Ying Moyan acknowledged the importance of the Sino-Polish higher education cooperation, expressed thanks to BJUT in promoting Sino-Polish higher education cooperative development, and promised that the Polish Embassy would give more support to future Consortium development. Ambassador Zajaczkowski stated that the Consortium development would benefit Sino-Polish cultural exchange, economic, scientific and technological cooperation!