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Beijing University of Technology Opole Confucius Institute Convenes 2019 Council Meeting

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The 2019 Council Meeting of Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) Opole Confucius Institute was held on December 12th. Liu Gonghui, Deputy CPC Committee Secretary and President of BJUT, Guo Fu, Vice President of BJUT, and Grzegorz Krolczy, Vice Rector of Opole University of Technology (OUTech), together with council members, attended the meeting. President Liu extended his warm welcome to Vice Rector Krolczy and delegates. He praised the achievements of the Confucius Institute in Chinese language education and Chinese culture promotion as well as its role in Sino-Polish exchange and cooperation in higher education. He hoped that the Confucius Institute could draw on the strengths of the Sino-Polish University Consortium (SPUC) to launch Confucius Classrooms and expand their influence, improve the level and quality of students, steadily implement the Belt and Road Initiative, and promote people-to-people exchange between China and Poland.


Vice Rector Grzegorz Krolczy expressed his heartfelt gratitude for BJUT’s warm hospitality and congratulated on the convening of the annual meeting. He noted that as one of the most influential Chinese language and culture centers in Poland, the Confucius Institute in Opole is an important platform for in-depth exchange in education, research, trade and culture between China and Poland. OUTech would make every effort to support the Confucius Institute, promote the development of the SPUC, and deepen Sino-Polish exchange and cooperation in higher education.

At the meeting, Gong Wenjing, Chinese Director of Opole Confucius Institute and Liaison Commissioner of BJUT in Central and Eastern Europe gave a report on teaching activities and cultural events in 2019. Polish Director Ewa Jakuczek gave a report on financial affairs in 2019. Council members had in-depth discussions on the future plan of the Confucius Institute, development of Confucius Classrooms, future plan of SPUC, and preparations for the second “Linking Belt and Road, Bonding Tech and Heart” academic conferences. At the meeting, BJUT and OUTech also exchanged ideas on how to diversify pragmatic cooperation and enhance teacher exchange and research cooperation.

The Confucius Institute in Opole is an educational collaboration between BJUT and OUTech officially inaugurated on October 8th, 2008 in OUTech. It is the first Confucius Institute jointly established by BJUT and a foreign institution. In February 2019, BJUT's application to open three new Confucius Classrooms at University of Silesia, Silesian University of Technology, and Bialystok University of Technology was officially approved by Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters). With new Confucius Classrooms, the enrollments increased by a sharp 232.8% in 2019, reaching a total of 1015 students.