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The First BJUT “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference & the Tenth China Forum of Future-oriented Technolo

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During July 29-30, 2019, the First BJUT “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference & the Tenth China Forum of Future-oriented Technology Analysis (International), which was hosted by “The Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium and the Beijing - Hong Kong Universities Alliance, and undertaken by the Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), Chinese Society of Technology Economics MOT Professional Committee, Chinese Science and Science& Technology Policy Research Society Technical Prediction Professional Committee, and The Chinese Institute of Business Administration New Technology Management Professional Committee (Preparatory), was held in the BJUT. More than 200 experts, scholars and students from more than 60 universities and institutions of countries including Japan, UK, Korea, Poland, China etc. attended this Forum. The theme of the Forum was “Scientific and Technological Innovation in Ageing Society and AI Era”. BJUT Vice President Liu Jianping attended the opening ceremony and made a welcome speech. The BJUT Professor Huang Lucheng acted as the Conference Chairman of the Forum.


The Vice President Liu Jianping expressed the warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the present representatives attending the Forum, and introduced the current development status of BJUT. She expressed that the future-oriented technology analysis and management had a specific significance for the enterprise management. The China Forum of Future-oriented Technology Analysis was initiated by BJUT. After passing ten terms, the Forum had become an important academic exchange brand of the University management discipline, also a platform for the domestic and foreign scholars sharing knowledge, exchanging information, and pursuing joint development. She hoped this Forum could become the full exchange platform for scholars in this field, greatly enhance BJUT’s levels of academic exchange, discipline construction and internationalization development, and contribute the knowledge and wisdom to the development of science, technology, and economics.


(Shen Zhiyu, the Vice President of Chinese Institute of Business Administration made a speech)


(Professor Huang Lucheng, Chairman of the Forum)

During the Conference, the Vice President Shen Zhiyu of The Chinese Institute of Business Administration, on behalf of The Chinese Institute of Business Administration, made a speech, and expressed the warm congratulations to the holding of this Forum. professor Chen Jin and professor Lei Jiasu from Tsinghua University, professor Yin Lu from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, professor Kazuyuki Motohashi from University of Tokyo, professor Kumiko Miyazaki from Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Associate Professor Nazrul Islam fromUniversity ofExeter, Doctor Frank Tietze from University of Cambridge, and professor Huang Lucheng, professor Li Jian and the Associate Research Fellow Li Xin from BJUT respectively made the wonderful conference themed reports, and aroused the extensive attention and enthusiastic discussion of the attendees.

The international famous periodicalIEEE Transactions on ENGINEERING MANAGEMENTheld the academic exchange activities such as the “Technology and Engineering Management in China” Workshop, “Have a Face-to-face Interview with the Periodical Editor-in-Chief”, etc. during the Conference. Many experts, scholars and postgraduates attended the activities, and exchanged research achievements.

After the end of the main forum and branch forum, the Associate Editor-in-Chief of the periodicalIEEE Transactions on ENGINEERING MANAGEMENTand the Doctor Frank Tietze from University of Cambridge on behalf of the expert judges read out the recommended list of two excellent papers, and awarded the honor certificates to the winners. Professor Li Zili from National University of Defense Technology summarized this Forum.


Up till now, BJUT’s two international conferences of the economic and management fields in “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference were ended successfully. The follow-up international academic conferences will be held in succession from September to November 2019, including the “Knotted Fields Theory in the Physics and Biology” Summer Vacation School and International Academic Forum, Light Energy Smart Roads and Sustainable Development International Summit and Low-Carbon Urban Development Forum, etc., which mainly concentrate on the fields of physics and biology, urban construction and environment and energy, etc.