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Opening Ceremony of the China Camp of the First SPUC Youth Summer Camp Held in Beijing

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On July 2, the opening ceremony of the China Camp of the first SPUC "Sino-Polish Railway Express - Mutual Connectivity" Youth Summer Camp was grandly held in North China University of Technology. More than 100 students and teachers from 13 member universities of the SPUC attended the ceremony.

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The Summer Camp was organized by the SPUC and supported by North China University of Technology and Tianjin University of Technology. Since the Secretariat of the SPUC started preparations for the event a year ago, it has received great support and positive response from member universities. Representatives from Beijing-Tianjin region’s member universities including Beijing University of Technology, Beijing International Studies University, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing Information Science and Technology University, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology and Tianjin University of Technology and the participants from six Polish universities attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Pu, Assistant President of Beijing University of Technology, gave a speech on behalf of Beijing University of Technology and the President Liu Gonghui, rotating chairman of the SPUC. He firstly introduced the background of the establishment of the Consortium under the “Belt and Road” Initiative (BRI), and stated the tasks in 2019 as well as put forward the future development of the Consortium. He also noted that this year marking the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Poland. In order to actively respond to the BRI, implement the agreements reached during "China-Central and Eastern European Countries Education Policy Dialogue", create a better platform for the Sino-Polish higher education community, and enhance cultural connectivity, the SPUC has taken active steps to build an interconnected network of cooperation, and launched the multi-level UPS (University to University, Professor to Professor, Student to Student) model. Member universities will work together to build the SPUC into an influential international and regional higher education consortium of universities in China and Poland or even in Central and Eastern Europe. On behalf of the rotating chair-man, the Secretariat and all member universities of the SPUC, Wang thanked the North China University of Technology and Tianjin University of Technology for organizing and coordinating the China Camp of the Summer Camp and welcomed the 14 students from six Polish universities. He also extended wishes to the 29 Chinese students who were about to visit Bialystok University of Technology for the Poland Camp of the Summer Camp.

Vice President of North China University of Technology, Shen Zhili, noted in her speech that China and Poland have enhanced cooperation in higher education under the BRI in recent years. Moreover, the SPUC has further promoted cooperation and cultural exchanges between the two countries and improved people-to-people connections as well as cultural and technological exchanges between college students. North China University of Technology is ready to create a platform for young people in China and Poland to strengthen exchanges, enhance mutual understanding and present themselves, and thus contribute to in-depth cooperation under the SPUC.

Paulina, a student of the University of Silesia, delivered a speech at the ceremony as a representative of the Summer Camp participants. On behalf of all participants from Poland, she expressed her gratitude to the SPUC Secretariat and the organizers. She noted that the Summer Camp was made possible by the SPUC, which was founded in 2017. She believed that both the China Camp and The Poland Camp could bring valuable cultural experience to the students from the two countries. She hoped to make the most of her time in China with other participants, feeling the charm of the country and experiencing traditional Chinese culture at first hand.

After the speeches, leaders attending the ceremony presented flags to Summer Camp participants. The opening ceremony of the "Sino-Polish Railway Express - Mutual Connectivity" Youth Summer Campwas successfully concluded.