BJUT and Other Units Jointly Held the First BJUT “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference & Internation

Release:2019-7-26 14:51:11





        During July 26-28, 2019, the first BJUT “Belt and Road” International Academic Conference on Smart Finance (ICSF) 2019, hosted by BJUT, City University of Hong Kong, and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with “Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium and Beijing - Hong Kong Universities Alliance, was held in Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). The theme of the Conference was smart finance. More than 100 representatives from the 35 universities and institutions of Mainland China and Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Poland, Korea, and Ukraine attended this event. The chairmen of this Conference was Professor Li Guojun of BJUT, Professor Zhao Jianliang of City University of Hong Kong, and Professor Wang Shouyang of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


        BJUT’s President Liu Gonghui firstly expressed sincere greetings to all guests and gave an overview of the current status of BJUT, emphasizing that, to actively respond to “Belt and Road” Initiative, serve Beijing’s “Four Centers” construction, and commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, BJUT will fully utilize the roles of the rotating chair of the “Belt and Road” Sino-Polish University Consortium and membership of the Beijing - Hong Kong Universities Alliance.

        In this role, BJUT hosted the first “Belt and Road” International Academic Conference from July to November 2019. With “Belt and Road Ingenuity Interconnectivity” as the theme, the Conference explored the construction of transnational and cross-regional academic exchange models and greater cooperation.

        President Liu Gonghui illustrated that smart finance is an interdisciplinary field of finance and modern technology, with huge research potential. Its development depends on research of big data analysis, AI and cloud computing. As such, President Liu Gonghui wholeheartedly wished the ICSF success.


(Professor Zhao Jianliang, City University of Hong Kong)


(Professor Wang Shouyang, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

As the first station of the “Belt and Road” International Academic Conference, the experts, scholars and industrial leaders in fields related to smart finance explored how to use technologies such as block chains to lead the frontier of innovation in smart finance. Through conference reports and roundtable forums the Conference provided an appropriate platform for the attending industrial and academic leaders to discuss smart technology solutions for financial problems, global challenges and “Belt and Road” economic construction.

During the Conference, BJUT, City University of Hong Kong, and The University of Hong Kong held the Beijing-HK Finance Technology Workshop and discussed academic cooperation among the three universities. The BJUT College of Economics and Management and the College of Business, City University of Hong Kong reached the preliminary agreement of exchange and cooperation.

The BJUT “The Belt and Road” International Academic Conference also included the Tenth China Forum of Future-oriented Technology Analysis, the “Knotted Fields Theory in Physics & Biology” Summer School and International Academic Forum, Light Energy Smart Roads and Sustainable Development International Summit and Low-Carbon Urban Development Forum, which concentrated on the fields of economics & management, physics & biology, urban construction and environment & energy. Such international conferences will be held in succession from July to November 2019.