The First “Belt and Road” International Academic Conference in Knotted Field Theory in Physics & Biological Sciences

Release:2019-5-21 9:58:09

To the SPUC Members,

The Knotted Field Theory with Application in Physics & Biological Sciences Symposium & Colloquium under "Belt and Road" Initiative will be held in Beijing University of Technology from 2nd to 11th September 2019. This Symposium & Colloquium is arranged as follows.

Symposium: September 2nd - 6th; 9th - 11th 2019

Colloquium: September 7th - 8th 2019  

The deadline of registration is July 1st. No registration fee is charged for the Syposium. For fellows (including postdoctoral researchers), the Colloquium fee is 300 USD per person;for graduates, there is no registration fee and the organizing committee will provide them Lunch and dinner meals (basic standard). In addition, the organizing committee will select 10 graduates (outside Beijing) from SPUC Chinese and Polish applicants to cover their accommodation during the Symposium and Colloquium. The selection rules and other details can be found in the attachment.

The experts and researchers in related field from SPUC member universities are warmly welcomed to attend the symposium and establish academic connections with experts in member universities and other international researchers, as to enhance integration among member universities in collaborative research innovation and academic cooperation.

For professors from SPUC Polish member universities, the conference and hotel fees will be covered by Beijing University of Technology, while the international traveling fees by attendees or the universities. 


The organizing committee:

【SPUC-Polish members】Notification of Knotted Field Theory with Application in Physics & Biological Sciences Symposium & Colloquium.pdf