BJUT is Selected in the First Batch of Beijing National Talent Training Base Project

Release:2018-9-18 16:43:57

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission issued the “Announcement on the selected schools in the project of Beijing “Belt and Road National Talent Training Base”BJUT was successfully selected among the first batch of a total of 26 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University.

On September 4th, Vice President Wu Bin of BJUT chaired the initiation and coordination meeting of “Belt and Road National Talent Training Base”, aiming to achieve the optimal benefits of the project by the collaborative work of International Office, Graduate School, Academic Affairs Office, Financial Department and College of International Education

In 2016, BJUT actively built a global network cooperation platform to promote exchanges between countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative. BJUT, Opole University of Technology and Chongqing Jiaotong University jointly launched the Sino-Polish University Consortium under the Context of the “Belt and Road”Initiative. In addition, BJUT signed and renewed 14 memoranda of understanding or cooperation agreements in 2016, which include 4 agreements with the universities of the “Belt and Road” countries.

On this basis,to meet the national development needs of the “Belt and Road” countries, BJUT will actively explore the mechanism of building Beijing “Belt and Road”national talent training base by cultivating high level talents, constructing an English teaching system and strengthening the internationalization of the teaching faculty. Specifically, the “Forbidden City scholarship” will beprovided to full-time Master, PhD and Post-doctor from the “Belt and Road”countries to study in BJUT. Funds will be given to the undergraduates from the“Belt and Road” countries to study for one year in BJUT and education administrators and teachers for 1-3 weeks. About 30 English subject courses will be established based on the academic disciplines of BJUT.