Opole Confucius Institute

Release:2018-9-18 16:44:02

Since its establishmentin 2008, Beijing University of Technology Opole Confucius Institute in Polandhas been growing in strength for ten years with the support of Hanban and effortsof both universities. Currently, the Institute has eight full-time employeesand two part-time local teachers. Main campus of the Institute covers an areaof 450 square meters and the branch campus about 40 square meters. Whileintegrating into the development of Opole University of Technology and the cityof Opole, the Institute also supports the Polish university’s role in the Beltand Road Initiative (BRI), and helps it to partner with universities along theroutes. The Institute seeks development with its own characteristics whileopening up a new prospect of the BRI.

Opole Confucius Instituteprovides Chinese language training for college students in Opole andKedzierzyn-Kozle. It has delivered several hundred Chinese language and culturesessions to nearly 10,000 people, amounting to nearly 10,000 academic hours. From2012-2017, the Institute had provided 264 Chinese language and culture sessionsfor 3,619 people, totaling 5,326 academic hours.  Meanwhile, it has held 549 cultural events ofall kinds that attracted 33,775 participants. The Institute has developed a“China-Europe Intercultural Management Postmaster Degree Program”. Thanks tothe efforts of the Institute, the Chinese language has been incorporated intothe degree education system of Opole University of Technology, which extendsBJUT’s cooperation and exchange with countries along the routes. The Instituteintegrates itself into the development of Opole University of Technology, andall sorts of cultural, educational and science events in Opole. So far, OpoleConfucius Institute has become an influential Chinese language school andChina-Poland cultural exchange center in Poland.